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Maximizing Your HR Career: How to Frame Opportunities for Success

"I didn't take up the HR Business Partner (HRBP) opportunity because I need to gain experience in Compensation & Benefit (C&B) role first." 

There's many approach to use when assessing a HR career opportunity. 

One is by assessing weakness first. In this case, there will always be reason why we can't and consequently, we have many logical basis to reject the opportunity. 

The other is assessing the strength that complements the opportunity. In this case, it's about understanding our current capability that already enable us to deliver in the given career opportunity (hence, confidence in the role). Knowing that we have a chance of being successful, the next step is about what we can do to bridge the gap. 

In this person's case, I've known him as an HR talent acquisition specialist who has a natural pre-disposition to build strong relationship with stakeholders & understand the details of how each department works (+ their needs). A very good starting foundation for a HRBP and would have been a big advantage for a person taking up the HRBP role. 

For this round, it's a miss. BUT there's now clarity on what needs to be done when the next opportunity comes by. 

Hence, the way we frame how we assess opportunities for ourselves are important. 

It can make or break our HR career.

Developing HR Career Opportunity
HR Career Opportunity

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