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Track Record

HR Process Enhancement

HR Process Improvement

Background :

MNC with traditional HR process that were not integrated into HR ERP system. This created duplicate HR process that created poor user experience for line managers & creates inefficiency for line managers in terms of hours taken to complete HR process. This hinders digitization of HR process within the organization.


What we did :

Organize a 2-day HR process hackathon to redesign current HR process by removing unnecessary steps & re-adjusting process steps to create seamless experience. We then utilize Microsoft Power Automate to perform robotic process automation (RPA) for the remaining process steps (at no cost).


Results :

22,000 minutes & 363 hours (HR, line manager & employee) were saved on an annual basis. This contributes to a total of 18 % efficiency for the organization.

Regional Restructuring & Change Management

Background :

MNC undergoing transformation was working on restructuring decentralized Technology team based in individual countries into a Regional setup. New regional setup will then enable resources to be utilize more effectively across region (eliminating resource wastage). Biggest challenge is ensuring cohesion of team that consist of new team members from various country and culture


What we did :

Design & execute 6 month regional change management plan that;

  1. Sustain business effectiveness by mapping right team member into right role

  2. Integrates team utilizing expectation setting via profiling tools,

  3. Sustain business continuity via right people & team operations tempo


Results :

No impact to business operations within region.

Regional Restructuring Change Management Success
Performance Management Re-engineering

Performance Management Re-Engineering

Background :

MNC with regional presence consist of different performance management practices in various countries in South East Asia region.


The current approach lacks visibility and impacts employee engagement as there is not clear communication on how reward & evaluation is been done. This is due to the process being solely managed by the country head.


What we did :

Re-engineer performance management process to enable collaborative discussion across leadership level. Therefore, creating transparency and enabling line managers to take ownership on team member's performance (rather than blaming country head).


At the same time, change management principle are utilized to sustain new performance management habits for the leadership team, line managers & employees.


Results :

Higher employee engagement for selected Talent & Performance category.

Average increase of 4% across population of 2445 pax in South East Asia Region

Qualitatively speaking, greater line manager & team members ownership on organization results.

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