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How to Stay Ahead in the Age of AI (HR Practitioner Edition)

I've been spending some time working (okay, maybe a bit too much that I've become a recluse) on codes for #HR test case and it dawned to me that software development will be increasingly more accessible to the non-IT folks.

AI Evolution: From Unique Advantage to Common Commodity

This mean that it's much more easier to replicate a software (than before) as the barrier to entry is gradually removed due to progress in #AI (Chatgpt et al)

As an example of what a non-IT person can do, I've developed prototype for test case such as HR chatbot, customized rejection email to candidate (large scale) and leave application through email without system. I'm sure others who are highly experienced & agile will be able to do even more.

Interestingly, this shift brings with it a potential transformation in what we perceive as a competitive advantage. The complexity traditionally resolved through technology may diminish over time as certain features become more reproducible in the market (due to AI). What was once considered a unique advantage could evolve into a commodity.

Staying Ahead in an AI driven world

So, how do we stay ahead in this changing landscape?

One thing for sure... it's NOT prompt engineering (I just have to say this, seeing how many chatgpt prompt engineering workshop being advertised nowadays)

Contrary to expectation, the so-called basic skills will become even more critical as we need the human element to understand nuances & context.

👉 Problem Solving

AI is constantly opening up new and even seemingly impossible approaches to solving issues. Problems that were once deemed unsolvable may now have viable solutions, and complex issues that once required arduous processes can be resolved almost instantly.

This means that the ability to identify problems, even those that may not be immediately obvious, becomes increasingly valuable. By recognizing areas where AI can be applied to create value, organizations and individuals can drive meaningful outcomes quickly for their stakeholders.

👉 Domain Expertise

Some may argue that AI has the ability to comprehend various domains and therefore, no need for individuals to immerse themselves into specific area. But the reality is that having a deep understanding of a particular field remains critical.

Subject matter experts has valuable insights on unique challenges, intricacies and practical aspects of their area and this enable value creation through solutions that address the specific needs and requirements of that domain.

Something a person reading from #chatgpt can't do.

Remaining Relevant in the Age of AI

💪 My ending thoughts? We are still relevant in the age of AI as long as we are quick to identify and provide values for our stakeholders & client. But it entails being quick to understand and adapt to the changing environment.

To do this requires a combination of personal resolve and organization support system. Adaptability speed will now become the competitive advantage for organization and those that are able to find that right formula...

...Will win & prosper

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