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Expert Consultancy To Deliver All Aspects Of Human Resource Management and to Create Strategic HR Effectiveness that Enhances Organization Performance

Achieve An Extraordinary Competitive Edge With HR Strategies That Align Employer-Employee Capability As Well As Goals And Objective.

All-Inclusive HR Consultancy

That Will Help You Unlock Your Business Potential Through:

Aligning organization systems and frameworks with business goals and objectives

Making sure the right strategies are implemented along every step of the process and taking care of any issues encountered along the way

HR Consultancy | Long Term Solutions
HR Consultancy | Aligning Business Goals
HR Consultancy | Effective Implementation

Analyzing root causes of obstacles in corporate operations and utilizing sustainable long-term solutions

It’s no secret that effective HR strategies are not only vital for running a successful establishment but also to optimize and enhance business performance. PeopleHive has a team of HR leaders from all over the world with experience in multiple industries to help you achieve your business goals. With our integrated and holistic approach, we offer such a practice that includes:

Here’s The HR Consultancy Services We Offer

Cultural Change & Alignment

With our Cultural Change & Alignment services you can increase your business’s responsiveness to changing conditions, consumer demands, competitive challenges, modified regulations, and many more intricately varying conditions.


This service includes taking a long-haul approach to re-engineering organization’s

  • Values

  • Framework

  • Processes

  • Practices & Habits

Strategic Talent Framework Development & Implementation

A solid talent framework empowers organizations to implement their talent management strategies and boost performance.


We develop and implement a customized framework to unify your business plans with human capital and the needs of your corporation. The frameworks covered in this strategy include:

  • Competency model

  • Talent Management

  • Performance management

  • Employee engagement

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Succession planning


Expediting and Streamlining The Change Management Processes

Just as companies go through culture change due to mergers or acquisitions, managements also go through frequent adjustments.


We employ well-thought-out strategies that expedite and smoothen out the change management processes. The new management gets quickly up-to-speed to the new environment while the employees get trained to not only how to work with the new management but also to want-to work with the new policies, guidelines, or equipment.


The strategies for streamlining change management processes include:

  • Facilitated Workshops

  • Coaching and Training Seminars

  • Development Programs

  • Process, System & Framework Enhancement

PeopleHive Enables You To Implement The Right Strategies Properly So You Can Achieve Your Desired Results Successfully

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