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Evolving HR Strategy: My Lessons from Talent Management Missteps

Picture this: you're in the talent management game, thinking you've got it all figured out. Buy a tool here, get a recommendation there, and bam – you've got a superstar team, right?

Wrong! I learned the hard way that it’s not that simple. It's like trying to solve a puzzle with pieces from different boxes. Let's dive into my misadventures and a-ha moments that gave me valuable lessons about making talent management effective to support HR strategy.

👉 Identification of Talent

Buy assessment tools from provider or asking line manager to just tell who are their talent.

This often leads to misaligned talent quality as all of these are done without first aligning on the right talent profile to support business needs.

👉Levers of Effective Talent Management

Assume that this is a process driven by HR only without focusing on improving other 'soft' area like managerial capability or leadership commitment.

This creates an impression that talent management was solely the responsibility of HR, when in fact it's a collaborative effort that requires input and commitment from multiple stakeholders.


👉 Sustaining Talent Management to Enable HR Strategy

Make the mistake of running this as an one-off talent program. Which is an issue because talent building is long term and takes years.

In fact, the focus should have been on setting up an annual cycle to sustain progressive improvement of talent quality in the organization.

In summary, the path to effective Talent Management is not a one-time initiative but a continuous cycle of improvement. The key is not just launching programs but sustaining them with a long-term vision. It's about embedding talent management into the organizational culture and making it a collective effort.

Reflecting on these early misjudgments has taught me the importance of an integrated approach, one that aligns talent development with HR strategy to enable business goals.

p.s. : picture from recent workshop on talent management & succession planning. Developing roadmap and action plan requires discussion to generate new insights.

talent management and succession planning workshop by peoplehive
talent management and succession planning workshop by peoplehive


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