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Chantal Wee


Managing Director

Specialty : 

• Behavioural Profiles

• Leadership & Management

• Culture & Talent

• Balancing Process and People

• Organisational Development

• Change Management

• Coaching

Chantal has been actively involved in people skills with the intention of dramatically increasing productivity and the performance of people. Chantal started off as a teacher, was formerly a manager and was tasked to a Quality role for Asia Pacific region, and was a head of a business unit in a private and multinational company.


During her engagement there, she has demonstrated her talent in leading her team, coordinating and managing change in the organisation. She has trained staff at all levels from organisations including Air Asia, Ansell, Bayer, Besi APAC, Carlsberg, Guinness, GE Aviation, Panasonic, Sensata Technologies Malaysia, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Shell and UMW. She managed to keep the balances between people, process and culture very well while administering change in these companies.


She has a reputation for being energetic, passionate, making it fun and simple for understanding while delivering an effective facilitation, training and consultancy. Clients point to her engaging style of facilitation, her experience and talent she brings to the table when she facilitates, and her ability to turn concepts and plans into practical reality in her consultancies.


She has a nurturing side to bring out the best in everyone which is able to spur on changes. She had been invited as speaker in conferences in which her participation have had delegates motivated and excited. With expertise in many sectors of industry, Chantal is excited about synergies between business process with personal, leadership & management and organisational development. Chantal seeks to identify and maximise the potential of all individuals through gaining a deep appreciation of their personality, abilities, motivations, strengths and challenges.


Work experience highlights;

• Lead and Manage a group of people from different background

• Tasked in an Asia Pacific Quality role for a multinational company

• Lead an inter-departmental project group to foster outstanding performance culture & change management processes in the organisation.

• Spearheaded the performance management project for the manufacturing plant which involved multiple different departments.

• Champion the quality and consumer awareness project in the organisation and supporting the Asia Pacific Region.

• Increased employee engagement in the organisation

• Organisational Development – transforming companies in areas of business and strategy for performance.

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