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Development Program

Development Programs

Gain A Motivated, Talented, And Expert Workforce With Innovative Development Programs Tailored To Accomplish Your Business’ Strategic Goals

Be A Part Of The Journey Of Rising-Star Employees,
And Grow Right Along With Them, By Nurturing Them Through Effective Development Plans

Development Plans Empower A Business
To Stimulate True Harmony In The Workplace
And Enable Them To

Peoplehive Consulting | Development Program

Achieve effective training that discourages common training issues – such as employee disengagement, frustration, and productivity hamper – via innovative strategies

Peoplehive Consulting | Leadership Development

Utilize development plans that go well beyond attendance at a training session and achieve long-term and sustained success

Peoplehive Consulting | Structured Leadership Development

Achieve maximum ROI by employing acceleration programs integrated to the internal framework, already in place, and to improve on it with business growth intent

With the introduction of work from home culture, traditional training and development plans don’t work anymore. You need updated strategies to inspire innovative ideas to gain an edge in today's highly competitive business world. We help you create an atmosphere that will help you stimulate original and resourceful plans through:

  • Surveys

  • Highly Customized Plans as well as

  • Blended and All-Inclusive Approach (depending on application)

Our Development Plans Are Designed To
Groom Your Exceptional Talent By Offering:

First Time Manager Program

First-Time Manager Program

Becoming a manager for the first time is undoubtedly one of the toughest experiences. They are exposed to responsibilities and challenges that they have never encountered before. On top of that, they become liable for the team they are supposed to manage.

*Phew, No Pressure… Except IT IS!*

How do you make people want to work for you? And especially those coworkers who had a friendship-dynamic with you before?

It is important now that the first-time managers have access to guided support, and they are not forced to overcome these new challenges on their own.

PeopleHive Coaching will help you train your first-time managers with planned strategies focused on the DAC framework:

  • Direction – so everyone is clear on your vision and goals

  • Alignment – so everyone knows their responsibilities and can align themselves with others

  • Commitment – so everyone is dedicated and work together towards their common goal

High Potential Acceleration Programs

Every individual has a high potential and big plans for their careers, but due to poor management or lack of development plans, they get stuck in their comfort zones and fall prey to the habit of repetition.


It is then their careers reach a stagnation point, and their high potential dies down. To avoid this, many high potentials take the approach of making job switch as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is vital that companies develop and maintain High Potential Acceleration Programs to nurture efficient future leaders. This gives them a sense of contentment.

In addition, you accomplish a talent pipeline that regularly produces high achievers, who (along with themselves) take their businesses to new heights.

Our Acceleration Programs are aimed to enable employees to:

  • Develop skills and confidence necessary for leadership opportunities

  • Develop a mindset for high-value ideas and strategic development

  • Have a sustained skill application, highly suitable for business growth intention

High Potential Acceleration Program
Team Cohesion Workshop

Team-Cohesion Workshop

Most would be under the misconception that “team-building” and “team-cohesion” are similar things. This simple definition clears that confusion:


Team-Building is the journey that brings everyone together.


Team-Cohesion is the destination or the end-result that enables individuals to be positively connected to other team members, organizational goals, and purposes.

PeopleHive’s Team Cohesion Workshop offers:

  • A facilitated workshop (and not a standard training session) purposed to elegantly guide through the team-building journey towards team-cohesion

  • Working through the human weakness of “workplace politics” (hey, we didn’t coin that term)

  • Understanding personalities of different individuals to leverage team strengths properly

Ready To Begin The Development Journey With Your
High-Potential Employees?

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