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HR Leadership: Bridging the Gap to Strategic Business Partnership (HRBP)

What should HR do to become strategic business partner (HRBP) in the eyes of business leaders? 


To answer this question during our recent HR sharing session, we invited an experienced Managing Director to share his insight.  


One thought provoking quote from the session: 

➡️"I would rather that HR say something and get it wrong than to say nothing in area where they are expected to be an expert." 


This means taking the lead in area where business are expecting us to lead as an expert. 

✅Providing direction  

✅Making decision 

✅Articulating point of view where HR & business decision overlap 


In situation where HR-related point of view & direction are required to drive decisions, choosing to remain silent or deferring entirely to business leaders will significantly dilute & undermine HR's perceived value. 


When business have to take the lead in HR matters, this lead to situation where HR is seen & treated as support function. 


👉 In a way, our behaviour creates personal branding (as HR).  

👉 Our personal branding influences how business work with us. 

👉 How our business decide to work with us, ultimately shapes our role as HR – strategic business partners or traditional support. 


💪 Hence, we too have the power to redefine HR's role.  


💪 It all starts from taking the lead as an expert, when expected. 


Peoplehive HRBP Strategic Business Partner
Peoplehive HRBP Strategic Business Partner

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