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PeopleHive Coaching To Transform Your People Managers Into A Sensational Leader And Lead A Team of Valuable Professionals

Just As A Private Coach Help An Athlete Up Their Game, We Assist Leaders To Go From Good To Great

Coaching Fuels Your Business Growth But Also Enables You and Your Team To Grow Right Along With It

Here’s How

Accelerating Performance

Accelerating top talent performance as a result of customized coaching strategies that enhance employee knowledge and skills on an individual basis rather than a one-size-fits-all approach

Expert Knowhow

Acquiring expert knowhow & wisdom gained through years of experience and work history of multiple industries from leaders of Southeast Asia

Develop Talent

Investing your time and resources to develop your employees quickly, so they can in-turn quickly develop your business

Skilled Leaders

Creating skilled leaders with a mindset of strategic thinking, decision making, and problem-solving as a result of personalized and customized coaching

A person never stops learning in their life and learns a new thing every day. Each of these new experiences adds to the skills and expertise of the person. But the problem is, most of these are random, slow, and we have no control of what we get exposed to. Furthermore, a coachee might feel relaxed if there’s no accountability, which leads to a neglect towards the trainee.


So, with PeopleHive’s coaching, you gain a team of responsible coachees who regularly maintain and update progress reports that ensure accountability. In addition, they develop scenarios that stimulate working with their line leaders, so they get appropriate hands-on learning experience.


With all that, you can take back the control over randomized and abandoned coaching with planned and dependable learning. Your team gets substantially better skilled and you get the most out of your investment in coaching – which, let’s be honest, you were already investing in but probably weren’t getting as much benefit from.

We Plan Coaching Services For Unique Scenarios
And Distinct Purposes Such As:

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on building a greater self-sufficiency and coming up with sustained value even beyond engagement. It helps executives, senior managers, and leaders to think differently and get unstuck from tricky situations.

Sometimes in corporate life for leaders, there comes a point where they feel they have been promoted to the point of their own incompetence. They feel stuck, and nothing seems to be working for them.

Perhaps, because of bad habits that get hard-coded due to repetitions. Now, it’s not so hard to get out of these bad habits, but it’s important to identify them to solve them effectively.

Our executive coaching will help you solve that and have an answer for situations such as:

  • Expertly handle complicated business challenges that arise with seniority

  • Retaining valuable talent on your team and fixing issues that are causing people to leave

  • Getting unstuck from complicated situations and breaking bad habits

Future Leader Coaching

Business owners can’t just sit back and wait for new leaders to arrive, all-ready and fully developed for important responsibilities. They must actively identify potential talent and then nurture and groom them accordingly.


An organization is bound to lose critical knowledge when workers retire or exit the business. It is crucial then to fill vacancies quickly instead of going through the overly long hiring process from outside (and also getting them ready for the new environment).

PeopleHive Future Leader Coaching helps you groom and take your identified talent to the next leadership level.

It helps you nurture future leaders to:

  • Encourage self-reflection, ownership, and responsibility – the leadership qualities that are essential to being a sensible leader

  • Gain exposure to different divisions and gain an overall understanding of company processes

  • Be ready for a leadership role as a result of effective succession planning

Future Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team coaching allows you to take care of budget and time constraints and deliver wholesome coaching to your team members at a shared and mutually cooperative level.


Our Team Coaching helps your team by providing a clear-cut vision of where they can be and how to get there.


Furthermore, it lets them know “why” they are being coached, so they too are motivated to actually learn through the process. This can only happen if their own benefits also get aligned with the company’s vision.

The Team Coaching service helps you to:

  • Have a team of trained experts that can deliver a higher value to the company

  • Economically train a greater number of individuals as a result of a targeted team approach (instead of generic training workshops)

  • Gain a team of motivated workforce, whose objectives align with their organization’s visions and the company’s long-term goals for their talented staff

Meet The Coaching Team

Erik Stoel
Kua Theng Hong
Marie Lam
Alex Lai
Koh Mui Han

Ready To Begin The Learning Process For You And Your Team And
Future Leaders That Grow Alongside your Business?

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