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Strategic HR Services

Strategic HR Services

Gain A Competitive Boost In the Fast-Changing Business Environment With Strategic HR Services By Utilizing Advanced Techniques, Analytics, and Trained Practices

Carefully Planned HR Strategies Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Incredibly Vital Business Qualities, ESPECIALLY, If You’re Running A Lean Team

Strategic HR Services
Devised Specifically For Your Business
Can Enable You To

Peoplehive Consulting | Strategic HR

Run a corporation with a lean team without hiring a full-fledged internal HR department

Peoplehive Consulting | HR Transformation

Keep sight of long-term strategic goals with the aid of an expert team with experience in multiple industries

Peoplehive Consulting | HR SSC

Efficiently set up your multi-country business while complying with the unique rules and regulations of every different country

Peoplehive Consulting | HR Shared Service

Solve emerging issues much earlier and improve HR strategies with the help of advanced data analytics, techniques, and expert practices

No organization can navigate the stormy seas of today’s rapidly changing business environment without the aid of effective HR services and a team of experts. And the difficult part doesn’t end there…


Having planned HR strategies is all good and everything, but the problem is that they are just “planned”.


What most organizations lack is the implementation of their strategies and seeing their execution all the way through to the end. That’s where PeopleHive comes in.


With our Consulting services, we help you plan the strategies and frameworks for your business operations, and with our Strategic HR Services, we make sure that the planned strategies are implemented as well.

Unlock Your Business’ Untapped Potential With
Strategic Human Resource Services That Includes


HR Process Outsourcing

Several conglomerates around the world have adopted the trend of outsourcing their human resources tasks instead of hiring a full-fledged internal HR team. It allows you to save time, money, and resources and effectively run a lean team.

PeopleHive handles your HR outsourcing needs to deliver you services in a manner that is most aligned to your and your staff’s needs. Furthermore, you can request our services on a yearly basis until you’re ready to hire your own permanent talent (which we will also help you to mentor).

Here are a few examples of services we can take care for you:

  • Talent Management

  • Performance Management

  • Workforce Planning

  • Employee Engagement

  • Succession Planning

  • Training Need Analysis 

  • Training Seminars and Workshops

Setting Up Regional HR Structure

It is one thing to sell your products or services in a global market when the demand is there, but to set up a framework to make that happen at a more local area… is an entirely different tune.


First of all, to bring a business from the country level to a regional level, one needs to understand the dynamics of the region and implement strategies according to that very region.

And second, you need a competent HR structure that can understand the objective of the company (at a global level) and then convey it effectively at a more local level.

Finally, you need an HR that knows how to design, as well as, run processes from the country level to the regional level.


Here’s how we can help you set up a regional structure for your business:

  • Hiring talent and getting them up-to-speed

  • Executing regional HR priorities effectively

  • Planning HR regional strategies (HR Global Business Services - GBS & Center of Excellence - COE) for a commercial environment

Strategic HR Coach

Strategic HR Coach

Coaching is no longer about only fixing performance issues, it’s about setting up a framework to produce the highest number of valuable leaders.


As your strategic HR coach, we coach your internal HR people to quickly accelerate into carrying important responsibilities on their capable shoulders.


The PeopleHive Coaching aims to groom your internal talent, so they are ready to take on a leadership role as a part of succession planning – without you having to go to the struggle of hiring from the outside.

Our Strategic HR Coaching service includes:

  • Mentoring future HR leaders to take on a leadership role

  • Perfectly plan, manage, and implement your HR succession plan

  • Ensuring business requirements are given high priority during coaching sessions

HR Performance Enhancement

Many firms prefer to have their own HR department instead of entirely outsourcing their HR needs. But did you know that with even slightly enhancing some of your HR processes & practices, you can have a significant boost in your business performance?


With our HR Performance Enhancement services, we can help you to analyze and audit existing internal HR processes. This will help you review your HR processes and pick out holes in the strategies. These can then be refined to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your HR Processes.


Furthermore, we can help you intelligently understand performance metrics and employ strategies to meet performance standards.

Here’s how we can help you analyze HR processes and functions to recognize improvement potential and increase effectiveness:

  • Process Mapping & HR Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to drive process efficiency

  • HR Tech to create a user-friendly experience

  • Analytics to enable speedy stakeholder decision making

HR Performance Enhancement

PeopleHive Enables You To Implement The Right Strategic HR Services
So You Can
Always Be Innovative Anywhere In The World

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