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Working Mothers Overwhelmed During Pandemic

Covid Crunch Time For Working Mothers

Due to drastic changes in our work environment and job scope during this pandemic, our survey finds that women who are the primary domestic caregiver are struggling to juggle work and household responsibilities, while feeling very stressed and overworked - particularly when they are working from home together with their children. With so much uncertainty about the future of COVID-19, we are concerned about working mothers who may feel overwhelmed and worried about their career development and mental health. Thus, we ran a survey to understand the working mother's challenges.

We have completed the survey and have compiled the summary of the results in an infographic below.

Working Mothers Overwhelmed During Pandemic
Working Mothers Overwhelmed During Pandemic

If you would like to know more details on our survey especially

  1. Quick Checklist on What Can Organisation Do to Help Working Mothers

  2. Detail Interactive Analytics to Understand Challenges by Different Segment of Working Mothers (sample as below)


3. Notification on our Complimentary Webinar on topics such as

  • Mental Health & Wellness - Body & Mind Aligned

  • Working from Home & Parenting Tips - Home Strategy

  • EQ - Heart Work, not Hard Work

  • Stress Management - Sorting Out Stress



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