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The AI Revolution: How HR Can Prepare for the Impact on the Workforce

We are going to hear this more often from now on!

Artificial Intelligence or AI is beginning to disrupt work. In this case, previous work requiring weeks, now takes between 2-3 days.

The below attached post is a good case study!

Major Shift on How Work Gets Done

Colleagues who were deemed less skilled are now overtaking previous performers due to their proficiency in utilizing AI.

AI's impact on productivity is immense and this will impact how organization are structured to deliver work.

In these cases, organization's agility will play a major role in their success.

Agile HR Equals Organization Ability To Pivot Using AI

Human Resource / HR's ability to quickly identify area of opportunities and enable their employee to transition into utilizing AI (in the above case, learning to use prompt), will be the critical factor that will determine the organization's competitive edge.

What will be critical for HR team to support the business?

1. Get a better understanding on business and AI's capability.

2. Engage business leaders to identify key intersection between AI & business that will impact employee productivity. Doing point 1 first will enable this discussion.

3. Understanding the impact means that the organization will ;

a. most likely be able to deliver more with less people

b. have more capacity with current number of people

c. experience talent war in specific industry where majority are unable to transition

HR Impacts P&L By Integrating AI Impact into Workforce Planning

All of the above, impact organization P&L and business continuity. In this case, strategic workforce planning is a critical topic for the next 12 months.


AI capability has been progressing very quickly over the past few months.( eg, soon chatgpt has feature that is able to "read" image)

Just like covid, HR will now be thrust into limelight again to manage disruption.

This time, the impact will be much bigger!

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