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Do & Don'ts When Giving Recognition

🚩When is a recognition is NOT a recognition? 🚩

🚩 When it is delivered in a way that just barely touches the surface of what the receiver do well🚩

What NOT to Do When Giving Recognition

It tend to sound like this;

📣 Great job!

📣 You're the best!

📣 Fantastic and amazing impact!

👉 It creates an impression that the person giving praise wants to be in the good books of the receiver without putting in the necessary effort to know that person.

🚫 Pretending to know when don't know.

🚫 Pretending to value when don't value.

🚫 Pretending to care when don't care.

All of these are easily caught by the receiver when it is done without the right intention.

What To DO When Giving Recognition

💪 What can we do differently?

✅ For leaders, always remember to add the specifics to your compliment by focusing on the Action & Impact.

To get to this specific, it means really taking time to observe your people and genuinely taking interest in their work. In other words, having the intention and taking meaningful action to be an authentic leader.

✅ For team members, if you receive a compliment that sounds superficial, don't jump into conclusion.

Ask for the specifics to understand the good things that you should continue doing. Some leaders do genuinely care about you and need a bit of a help to get them to share the meaningful parts to you!

Right intention = meaningful action = positive impact!


About The Author: Ngiam See Wei

Ngiam’s versatile background in HR management and extensive experience working with MNCs such as Kimberly-Clark and Amway have allowed Ngiam to setup Peoplehive & Growtribe to enable people leader & manager to accelerate people growth through a simple and yet impactful approach.

Want to find other interesting discussions? Then connect with Ngiam now via his LinkedIn Profile and follow Growtribe’s LinkedIn Page & Peoplehive's Linkedin Page.


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