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Making Career Conversations Meaningful Using 3 Simple Steps

We won't talk about the typical steps of a career conversation as that can be found through a quick google search but we want to emphasize on the fact that such conversation can be made simple & meaningful by treating our team members as humane possible to get an authentic conversation on career going through these 3 simple steps.


✅ Pay attention to the non-verbal setting & environment.

Do it over a non-peak period of the day when people are not pressured by deadline and feel at ease to talk in a casual way.

I tend to run such conversation 4pm onwards in a coffee shop to make my team member feel at ease (although I acknowledge we might not have the full flexibility for this, in some situation)

✅ Be truthful & don't make promise for the sake for retaining them.

Discuss reality of current and future situation.

I wrote about leaders baiting team members in my previous post and the poor consequences that team member need to face alone. Avoid making unrealistic promise that wrongly impact your team member's decision on their future and take the position of helping them to make an informed decision about their future by giving them right practical information.

✅ Treat them like how you would treat your family members.

Would you have lead them down that path that leads to nowhere, if this was your son/daughter/siblings?

Coming from this angle, allow us to ask the right question & provide the needed guidance without being too overly reliant on the checklist given by HR. We can be humane if we break away from being boxed in by those pesky checklist.

👉 That's something that we used to adopt as a guiding point for our team whenever we had a career conversation.

How about you? What's your approach?


About The Author: Ngiam See Wei

Ngiam’s versatile background in HR management and extensive experience working with MNCs such as Kimberly-Clark and Amway have allowed Ngiam to setup Peoplehive & Growtribe to enable people leader & manager to accelerate people growth through a simple and yet impactful approach.

Want to find other interesting discussions? Then connect with Ngiam now via his LinkedIn Profile and follow Growtribe’s LinkedIn Page & Peoplehive's Linkedin Page.


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