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How Do I Know IF I'm Working In A Toxic Environment?

Interesting topic of discussion from one of our quarterly health check engagement with our client's employee.

👉 My response?

Don't speak to individuals who are continuously talking about their "toxic" work environment.

👉 Why?

Because confirmation bias will happen;

a. Boss who raise their voice = toxic environment

b. Boss who micromanage = toxic environment

c. Boss who does not recognize your contribution = toxic environment

Any event that matches in with past experience = toxic environment.

And before you know it, you'll end up drowning in a self created world of negativity.

👉 My opinion?

🔸 There are bosses who raise voices but some might unintentionally raise their voice (and has the self awareness to adjust after that).

🔸 There are bosses who micromanage but might be doing it due to performance issue.

🔸 There are indeed bosses who are unappreciative of performers and extra effort but this doesn't outright create an unworkable environment.

There's a need to understand context of the event and be pragmatic to the reality of a workplace.

There's never a perfect workplace. In fact, every workplace will have some form of event / people that creates negative experience.

It's important to remember that...

...🚫 Negative experience does not necessarily equate to toxic environment.

Therefore, best to find an experienced colleague/mentor who has undergone multiple challenges to provide objective viewpoint and recommendation.

👉 Summarizing this...

Find someone who gives you objective alternative opinion & perspective and is willing to tell you something that you do not wish to hear.

Do NOT find someone who will confirm everything that you say.

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