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1-2-3 Steps to Automate Travel Approval Letter Generation & Email in PDF to Employee in ONE click

Peoplehive Group Consulting decided to create simple automation to generate employee travel approval letter in pdf & email to them individually. We want to support HR departments that are heavily burdened by the excessive administrative work to manage MITI approvals during MCO period.

This is a no-cost solution that is workable if your company currently is subscribing to Microsoft 365.

We have designed automation template that is plug-and-play in nature and can be easily setup in 3 steps :

1. Upload automation template into Power Automate

2.Add details into document & template

3.Run from Excel

If you need additional customization, feel free to drop us an email!

Download file to begin!

PeopleHive Consulting - AutomateEmployee
Download • 36KB

IF you want to try setting this up from start OR have problem utilizing the plug-and-play template, please view this video. If you want to do the easy way of using template, please proceed to the 2nd video after this.

This video is for those with minimal organization security and therefore, able to utilize the provided plug-and-play template in the zip file


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