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3 Focus Area to Quickly Kick Start Your Training Needs Analysis

One of the most trendy HR word in Quarter 4 will always be Training Needs Analysis (#TNA).

If you are running out of time and need to get this done quickly, here are 3 areas that you can quickly obtain data point to move your effort forward;

✅Performance Management

👉Where are the area of biggest performance gap (with high impact to business results) that need to be addressed?

👉If you have a system that is designed to measure skill, you’ll likely to have instant data points to work with.

✅Succession Management

👉What is required to accelerate the growth of your top talents?

👉If you have completed development planning for your top talents, data points are readily available for action.

✅Workforce Planning

👉What are the skills that is hard to recruit externally but is critical for business growth for the next 3-5 years?

👉If you’re connected into the business planning cycle, you should get a snapshot on the business direction and the required skillsets.

What are the common theme from the above?

✔️Training Needs Analysis need to be integrated with data points from other HR processes (rather than doing it stand-alone).

✔️Competency Framework / Skill Matrix is an critical to build data point for instant analytics & initiate conversation with stakeholders.

✔️Development should be connected to business results. Miss that and stakeholder will start asking about ROI

💪🏼If you need further clarity on how to integrate your HR process to bring effective results for the business, do drop me a DM!






That said, I do wish that we gradually move away from the term Training Needs Analysis as the word training tend to create an impression that it is only all about training when it comes to development.

And we all know that development is not only about training as people development goes far beyond training and should include impactful activities that drive action learning in the workplace.

What are your experience so far on this?

p.s. : we've done up a quick prototype of a dashboard utilizing Growtribe (our HR Tech) for Training Needs Analysis here. If you're interested to sign up to test this, do fill in the form at the site!

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