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DiSC Certification

As a Certified Behavioural Consultant, you will be:-

  • able to diagnose and resolve team issues to improve teamwork

  • able to assess job fit by determining team members strength and gaps relative to the role

  • improves team members self-awareness to drive personal effectiveness at work

  • acquire insights on the key behavioural tendency to drive a focused coaching session

  • facilitate DiSC Sessions for better communication and efficiency in the organisation


We offer a fully online pre- and post-course Learning Centre with live virtual classes that would equip individuals to professionally:

1. Administer the DiSC profile;

2. Interpret the DiSC profile;

3. Process the data in context;

4. Apply the DiSC concepts and tools into their specific applications.

If you would like to have a blended online and classroom sessions, do contact us. 

DiSC Certification



Lasting Impact on Your Culture

DiSC Certification provides strategies to diagnose the specific needs of a group, and how participants are to to use the profiles in the most effective manner. Having the certification in house, organisations are able to have influencers and champions for culture change using DiSC

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